Current Projects

Years of extensive research – bibliographic searches, library visits, archival research, and visits to private individuals on five continents – continues to find and obtain the material for several edited collections on Baudrillard’s writings, interviews, and photographs. The materials for the next eight collections are now finalized and include pieces that are little known, unknown, rare, untranslated, difficult to obtain, expensive to obtain, or are unique to my Baudrillard collection. Book contracts have been agreed with Edinburgh University Press, Seagull Books, and Presses Universitaires de France. I am now actively compiling the following eight collections for publication in from 2019 onwards.

Smith, RG ed. (2019) Jean Baudrillard: The Missing Pieces, Uncollected Writings and Photographs (Edinburgh University Press)

Smith, RG & Turner C eds. (2019 onwards) Jean Baudrillard: Untranslated German Interviews (Seagull Books). 3 volumes.

Smith, RG & Turner C eds. (2019 onwards) Jean Baudrillard: Untranslated French Interviews (Seagull Books). 3 volumes.

Smith RG ed. (2019) Entretiens avec Jean Baudrillard (‘Perspectives critiques’ Presses Universitaires de France)