New Book: Choose your own adventure to become Jean Baudrillard (Le livre dont Jean Baudrillard est le héros)

An original and innovative artistic book has just been published around Jean Baudrillard’s philosophy, entitled Le livre dont Jean Baudrillard est le héros (this could literary be translated as: “Choose your own adventure to become Jean Baudrillard”). The introduction is written by the centenarian Edgar Morin. The book is published by Editions MF.

The book project was launched at the ‘Applied Baudrillard’ Conference organized in Oxford in 2018. An event I try to forget as I had to leave half-way through due to a suicide, but I do now find comfort in the positive impact of the event – that was so much work to organize and run – on all those who attended. This new book is testimony to the value of these international and multidisciplinary specialist conferences in producing new projects and perspectives.

Here is a short video which presents the book

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