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Dating from 1968 to 2006, from his first to his final interview, this selection covers all the phases of Baudrillard’s long career. Clear, coherent and often humorous – the lightning fast responses of a genial philosopher – these interviews catch Baudrillard thinking aloud.
– Prof Mike Gane, Loughborough University

Introduction: Baudrillard Unplugged

Interview 1: Is Transgression a Mode of Political Action?
Interview 2: Dropping Out of History
Interview 3: Catastrophic, but Not Serious
Interview 4: The Apathy of the Masses
Interview 5: The Transparency of Kitsch
Interview 6: Baudrillard Shrugs: Terrorism and the Media
Interview 7: Strange World
Interview 8: The Ex-termination of the Real
Interview 9: La Commedia dell’Arte
Interview 10: From Popular Culture to Mass Culture
Interview 11: The Ecstasy of Photography
Interview 12: Baudrillard’s List
Interview 13: Viral and Metaleptic
Interview 14: The Homeopathic Disappearance of Architecture
Interview 15: For Illusion
Interview 16: Impossible and Unexchangeable
Interview 17: The Art of Disappearance
Interview 18: Solutions for a Post-technological Society
Interview 19: Apropos of Utopie
Interview 20: The Murder of Reality
Interview 21: Alterity as Fate
Interview 22: Artificiality and Seduction
Interview 23: The Roots of Evil
Interview 24: The Mirror of Photojournalism
Interview 25: Hoping to Resolve the Irresolvable

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Paris Finds…

I have just returned from Paris – and a visit to Angers where I gave several lectures. I was especially pleased to find this version of Seduction which I had not seen before!


It contained the original marketing note:


A few of my purchases from this weekend, I enjoyed browsing the Bouquinistes along the Seine.


Bibliography of Gerry Coulter’s Publications – a resource for Contributors to International Journal of Baudrillard Studies Commemorative Special Issue


Call for Contributions: Special Issue of International Journal of Baudrillard Studies dedicated to Gerry Coulter (1959-2016) BILINGUAL

International Journal of Baudrillard Studies

Below is a link to a bibliography of Gerry Coulter’s publications that I have uploaded to I hope it is useful and instructive to you; it is undoubtedly a testament to Gerry’s contribution to scholarship in the field of Baudrillard Studies:

Bibliography of Gerry Coulter’s Publications