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A Pictorial Guide to Baudrillard’s Books

I have copies of all of the different editions of all of Baudrillard’s books in both French and English (+ many versions of his books in other languages). There are so many variations that I am gradually posting here a full ‘Pictorial Guide’ to all the different editions of Baudrillard’s Books in French and English. It will appear in chronological order with a few notes to explain how different editions vary. Hopefully it will be a useful resource for Baudrillard Studies.

The Singular Objects of Architecture


The Consumer Society


Baudrillard’s Fatal Strategies


Baudrillard’s Pataphysics


Key Websites

BaudrillardStudies.Com (founded by Richard G. Smith)

Cool Memories – Jean Baudrillard (Facebook) (administered by Katharina Niemeyer)

International Journal of Baudrillard Studies (founded by Gerry Coulter)

Jean Baudrillard European Graduate School Page (founded by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker)

Semiotext(e) (founded by Sylvère Lotringer)